Texas Devices TLA2518 ADC is surely an simple-to-use, 8-channel, multiplexed, 12-bit, 1MSPS, SAR ADC. The 8 channels may be individually configured as both analog inputs, digital inputs, or electronic outputs. The machine supplies an internal oscillator with the ADC conversion system. The unit communicates through an SPI suitable interface and supports averaging multiple info samples by using a solitary start of conversion. The built-in programmable averaging filters support lower sounds from your analog inputs and lessen the number of knowledge samples required to be go through by the host.

The product provides a small bundle sizing of only 3mm x 3mm, GPIOs for I/O enlargement and wide temperature selection bewteen -40C to +85C.

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Common applications involve macro remote radio models (RRU), battery administration systems (BMS), string inverters, and central inverters.

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